Trauma, Racism, and Hope through God’s Word

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God’s Word is the good news of Jesus which offers the hope and healing we need to recover from the cycles of racism, poverty, oppression, and division that have plagued our country. It is the vision of justice and unity promised in the Kingdom of God that we pursue.

Until All Are Free:
A Courageous Conversation on Race

How do we define freedom when not all Americans feel free? American Bible Society invites you to join in on a pivotal conversation on emancipation, race, and the Bible.


Date: Friday, June 19, 2020, 10:00am EST


Bible Resources
‘Unchained’ Documentary and Discussion Guide

The Trauma Healing Institute presents Unchained, a documentary describing the legacy of generational trauma among African-Americans in the United States. Using a combination of Scripture engagement and mental health best practice, our program, Healing the Wounds of Trauma, equips the local church to respond to the broken and afflicted with a message of hope and healing.




Philadelphia: Jesus’s Parables on Justice

Thirty reflections from diverse pastors in Philadelphia on the parables of Jesus to help us understand what God’s justice looks like, what it demands of us, and how we can live out justice in our own communities

Loving the Neighbor Who Doesn’t Look Like You

A guide for churches that want to start cross-racial Bible study groups around the subject of racial healing.

Online Reading Plans
Justice Parables

Being part of the Kingdom of God should shape our personal character—and our public roles. But how? “Jesus’s Parables on Justice” features the reflections of 30 Philadelphia pastors on 11 parables that illuminate the Kingdom. The pastors help us ask good questions about these surprising stories to guide us in putting Jesus’s words into practice. Read Jesus’s words. Consider the questions. See what God says to you.

Sustained by God’s Word of Peace and Justice

Daily Bible Reading is designed to facilitate consistent interaction with Scripture. It includes background information on each day’s Scripture passage and key verse for meditation, reflection questions to help you dive deeper into Scripture, a prayer and prayer concern to help you connect to God and be of spiritual support to others. Journey with us this month as we explore the theme “Sustained by God’s Word of Peace and Justice.”

Restart: Compassion and Justice

Discover the heart of God for the reaches of poverty and injustice— the evidence of which is on almost every page of the Bible. Through this 40-day journey, let God's Word change the way you see and respond to a world longing to experience the fullest hope of Christ.


A 7-day journey with Scripture. War, famine, disease—many things in this world are troubling. While solutions aren't always clear, we can turn God's Word to sustain our hope in both enduring suffering and working for justice as we remember that in the end God will bring justice to all who have been oppressed.

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